How to Delete Yahoo Email Account from Desktop and iPhone

Creating a new email account with world-famous email service providers like Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo, become as easy as a cakewalk. There is a tough race going on between these brands to be on the number one spot. However, Yahoo is one of the best and prime email service providers in the world. Right from the beginning, Yahoo manages to give extreme features and top-notch products to its users. It is consistently improving functions and services. Consequently, it manages to gain immense popularity and satisfied customer base from all around the globe.

As time flows, Yahoo is becoming vulnerable to technical glitches and on top of the news. According to US government agencies, Yahoo has more than 500 million hacked accounts. Therefore, as per the recent survey, it has now crossed over 1 billion accounts hacked. It becomes necessary for users to move towards other email service providers. 

If you are using Yahoo account in your iPhone and having a problem with it, or switched to other mail service provider and no longer using the old Yahoo account. Although you may be receiving emails on that Yahoo account. Deleting Yahoo account from your iPhone can be helpful to free some space from your iPhone if you are having space issues So, you can contact us Yahoo support phone number.

Here is the fully-fledged guide to delete Yahoo account from your iPhone.
  • Deleting Yahoo email from an iPhone
  • Tap to setting icon
  • Navigate towards the Mail, Contacts, Calendars option
  • Choose your Yahoo account which you want to delete
  • Touch the Delete account option
  • Confirm that you want to remove your Yahoo mail account by touching Delete account button again
  • Now it’s done
Your Yahoo email account is deleted from the iPhone, now you won’t able to receive an email from that particular Yahoo account. However, deleting Yahoo account from your iPhone will not delete your mail account. You can easily access your account from any web browser or from any other device. 
  • Deleting Yahoo email from Desktop
  • Go to the Yahoo account deletion page
  • Enter your email address, then click next
  • Enter your password and tap sign in
  • Navigate down and click Continue
  • Enter your email address again
  • Tap, Terminate this account  
These above mention steps will help you to delete your Yahoo email account from iPhone and desktop. If in case, you face any error while deleting you can call Yahoo support number for reliable and assured help. Yahoo phone number is available to fix every problem of users.  


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